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Fine Dining

Regarded as the gourmand’s paradise, China is a land simply obsessed with food. Food plays a central and prominent role in both Chinese society and the national psyche. So it is indispensable for tourist to taste China food when traveling in China. Although many international visitors are not suitable for some Chinese food, a few famous dishes are very popular among tourists like Beijing roasted duck, Xian Imperial Dumpling Banquet, Imperial Court Food, etc..

Besides the rich array of traditional, regional cuisines, in major cities, visitors can taste a fine selection of Western restaurants and those conjuring up an eclectic fusion of Chinese and Western traditions. It will be amazing to eat in the gourmet restaurants of China. customizes the finest dishes in Western and Chinese restaurants at every destination. By the way, visitors can choose or alter menus while on tour to cater to your palate. Throughout your vacation, you will enjoy palatable menus across a broad range of dining venues where you can taste the best regional signature dishes. If desired, the Western meals will be intersected regular across the tour and typically served a la carte. will also carefully arrange meal to satisfy some special dietary needs with advance request, such as vegetarian, diabetic or gluten-free meals.