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Why China Delight?

China Delight, a trustworthy and experienced luxury China tour operator, serves tourists all over the world luxury but sustainable travel to China. Our mission is to create the ultimate and unforgettable travel experience to each traveler.


China Delight is made up of a multinational group of experienced China travel experts who will help you have a spectacular travel experiences that cater to the tastes of the discerning tourists and do justice to this country’s unbelievable heritage prevails now. China Delight works with you to explore the best of this magnificent land.

Private Touring

You can not only change or cancel, even add some sightseeing spots when you are on the tour, but also set up the departure and return time of the day, as well as the sightseeing time in specific sightseeing spots.

Customized Itinerary

Making an itinerary is as ideal and easy as you can expect. Our China travel consultants will customize itinerary for an unique travel experience based on your taste and needs.

Luxury Accommodation

To ensure your comfort, we arrange only specially selected the best hotels in the best locations on every tour We believe that nothing is more important than the best hotels in desirable central and scenic locations.

Fine Dinning

Regarded as the gourmand’s paradise, China is a land simply obsessed with food. Food plays a central and prominent role in both Chinese society and the national psyche.

Shopping - No Force to Shop

We guarantee that shopping is just a side of culture experiences, and it is for our customer's convenience and interests only, not our customers’ obligation.

Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews and obtain advice straight from the horses’ mouth. It is a better way to research our travel services.