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Chinese Fung Fu Tours

Chinese Fung Fu, also known as Martial Arts, Gongfu or Wushu, is a series of fighting styles that have developed for thousands of years. It is the national treasure of China,which perfectly combine power, grace and philosophy. Nowadays, Chinese Kung Fu is not only popular in China, but also enjoys a high popularity all over the world.


China Delight’s kungfu tours will take you to explore the mysterious world of Chinese kunfu as well as experience the ancient civilization of China. On our Kungfu travel, you’ll visit Shaolin Temple, the cradle of Shaolin Kungfu, which is one branch of Chinese martial art; learn about the ancient martial art history and philosophy; and witness the stunning Kung Fu demonstration by the famous Shaolin Monks. If you are Kung Fu fan and dream of become a Kung Fu master some day, you can even participate in the Kung Fu training course taught by Shaolin master.

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