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Luxury China Private Tours - Travel by Interests

Whether you want to eat your way through China on a tantalizing culinary journey, play golf at the best golf course in China, or leave the world behind on a honeymoon vacation, we can customize an interest luxury travel tour just for you. China Delight elaborately designs various private China tours with specific activities and themes, to meet and deepen your particular interests.

Golf Tours

Although China is still new to the game of golf, we can still tailor make various golf tours in China and allow you to explore the amazing scenery, distinct culture and play the golf at the best coursesin China.

Culinary Tours

Food is one of the best, and certainly one of the most enjoyable ways to understand and appreciate Chinese culture. Take a private and luxury China food tour to eat the best food in the world.

Honeymoon Tours

A China honeymoon journey, a good start of the happy marriage. China honeymoon tour is a romantic holiday for couples to enjoy everlasting sweet memorable travel experience.

Kungfu Tours

Chinese Kung Fu, also known as Martial Arts,Gongfu or Wushu, is a series of fighting styles that have developed for thousands of years.

Panda Tours

Take China panda tours, you’ll have the opportunity to see the lovely giant pandas up close, photograph them, hold one of them, or even to do volunteer job for pandas.

Business Tours

China's emergence as the world's second-largest economy, its distinct culture, vast geography, and unique government can make doing business in the Middle Kingdom complicated - we make it easy.

Private Jet Tours

If you want to explore off-the-beaten-paths of China in the most luxury and comfortable way, our Private Jet Journeys designed for the world's most discerning travelers are just for you.