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Yangtze River Travel Guide - Luxury Travel in Yangtze River

Yangtze River is the longest and most scenically impressive river in China. Originating from the glacial flow in the Tibetan Plateau, the river meanders through southern, central and eastern China before emptying into the East China Sea at Shanghai. Three Gorges is a section of Yangtze River with the most magnificent natural view so that it is regarded as one of top 10 places of interest in China.

Three Gorges includes Qutang Gorge, Xiling Gorge and Wu Gorge. 

Qutang Gorge, the shortest and most magnificent part, is only 8 kilometers long and also the narrowest of the Three Gorge. The mountains on the either side are about 1200 meters high. The combination of high mountains and the narrowest canyons with several switchbacks create very splendid view. 

Reaching 45 kilometers from Wushan to Guandukou, Wu Gorge is the famous for its deep valley and the quiet beauty. The most splendid view along Wu Gorge is 12 jetting peaks, like a string of emerald jades dotted on the both banks. Cruising along Wu Gorge, you will behold Peak of the Immortals, Goddess Peak, Fairy Peak, etc. 

Xiling, the longest by comparison with other two, is famed for its danger. Xiling Gorge used to be very torrential, but now it is tender because of the Gezhou Dam and Three Gorges Dam (about 19 kilometers away from Yichang) in about the middle of the Xiling Gorge. Xiling Gorge area is dotted with many famous attractive places of interest and about 174 karst caves such as Huangling Temple and Sanyou Cave. 

The Three Gorges are the only canyons which can be visited by taking cruise ships in the world. The Three Gorges are also the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilization which left behind many historical relics like Baidicheng, Huangling Temple, etc. 

Top Attractions along Yangtze River