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Suzhou Travel Guide - Luxury Travel in Suzhou

Suzhou, called Wu, Capital Wu, Middle Wu, East Wu, and Wumen, is referred to as Su. Suzhou City was built in 514 BC, having a written record history of over 4000 years. The name of Suzhou occurred in 589 AD (Sui Dynasty), naming after the Gusu Mountain in the southwest of the city. 

Suzhou is an essential economy, foreign trade, industrial, commercial and logistic center of Jiangsu Province, and also the important center in culture, art, education and transportation. It is one of China’s 24 Historical and Cultural cities, one of the major tourist cities in China, one of the 4 Key Environmental Protection Cities in China and one of the important central cities of Yangtze River Delta. Suzhou is approved as a large city in China by State Department.

Suzhou is a wonderful place for its prosperity and well-developed culture and economy, known as “Paradise on Earth”, “Silk City”, and “Garden City”. It has always been beautiful for world famous gardens and elegant mountains and water. For its gardens well-known to the world, Suzhou has another name of “Oriental Venice”.

Top Suzhou Attractions