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Guilin Travel Guide - Luxury Travel in Guilin

A famous saying goes that the scenery in Guilin is the most beautiful under heaven. With its picturesque landscape, Guilin captivates tens of thousands of travelers every year to gawp at its bluer-than-blue lakes, crystal clean waters, wired caves, beautiful rocks and its deep green trees backed by lofty rolling mountains. Indulge yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Guilin, and you would have an illusion of wondering in a beautiful painting unfolded from the sky! Come to Guilin to witness its beauty and see why so many people who have visited here would come again after going back!

Top Guilin Attractions

Guilin, reputedly the most beautiful city under heaven, is endowed with unparalleled scenic attractions, from the picturesque Li River, mysterious Reed Flute Cave to featured Elephant Trunk Hill and breathtaking Seven Star Park. Just a minute from the busy city life, Guilin’ s scenery, rolling hills and tranquil landscape, offers a perfect escape from the urban center. The following is just focused on the top must-see attractions in Guilin.