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Chengdu Travel Guide - Luxury Travel in Chengdu

As the capital city of Sichuan Province, Chengdu has little appeal: it is flat with no distinguishing natural feature; the weather’s grey and drizzly for much of year; and the traffic’s appalling. Yet somehow everyone comes away satisfied. Known as the “Country of Heaven” (translated as “the Land of Abundance”), Chengdu abound in mineral and natural resource. Fed by two tributaries of the Yangtze River, the Min and Tuo, Chengdu plain is very fertile and the natural environment is very suitable for the wild giant pandas. 

As one of historical and cultural cities in China, Chengdu was the birthplace of many famous poet and poems. Both Li Bai and Du Fu, the famous poet in Tang Dynasty, once spent some part of their lives in Chengdu and wrote many famous Tang poems there. Du Fu constructed his cottage named Caotang. Now Caotang Museum was built on the same place in order to commemorate Du Fu. 

As a best place to taste Sichuan Cuisine, Chengdu food is famous not only for its spicy and daintiness, but also for high-quality and low price. Chengdu is called “China’s party city” for its carefree lifestyle. Teahouses in Chengdu outnumber in Shanghai even though Chengdu has less population than Shanghai.

Top Chengdu Attractions