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About Us

China Delight is a leading luxury China tour operator, devoting to delivering the luxury travel experiences in China. It is owned by International, Inc, which was founded in 1996 at California, USA. Our company have rapidly grown for decades of years, with branches spreading in major cities within Unites State, Canada and China. 


As a bespoke luxury travel designer, we offer a full spectrum of luxury tour packages in China, including competitively priced Small Group Tours as well as customized Private Luxury Tours for valued individuals, families and groups to their exact needs and interests.


Featuring for the unique design routes and itineraries, along with exquisite and considerate services, helps thousands of tourists travel all parts of China with a unique luxury experience. The affordable prices and high quality services make our products reputable for a trip luxury and delightful.



Alex Wang

Detail oriented, motivated, and ambitious, Alex Wang has more than twelve-years of experience in producing tours to China. As a tour guide in his early career, he had the luxury of leaving his foot steps in almost every corner of China, and gained first hand travel experience and a deep understanding of a traveler's need. It is no surprise that he has been the leader in China travel and his company has grown steadily over the years. He believes that "being honest with others, others will be honest with you." He is confident in himself, his team, and his service.